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We are a privately owned Tanzanian company established in 1998, offering innovating solutions that lower costs and deliver an exceptional experience to you. We providing a full spectrum of services including Customs Clearing & Forwarding, Transportation, Port Services, Relocation, Warehousing, Logistics Consultancy and more. 

Our Vision

To be the best and preferred logistics partner in East and Southern Africa.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing world class end to end logistics solutions through visionary leadership and highly skilled staff while creating sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Our Values

Our values guide the way we do business. They are our DNA. Whenever, wherever our customers deal with us, we seek to deliver a consistent experience to them through the following:


Logistics requirements of clients call on us to continuously challenge the way we do business by seeking new and better ways of creating value for them.

Why Teddy Junior?

  • Well trained & courteous staff
  • SOPs allowing for consistent service delivery through the group.


  • Highly capable human capital

  • Good mix of different skills set


  • Fast decision making

  • Good working capital base

  • Supportive infrastructure (own trucks, good partners)

  • Relationships with key stakeholders leading to fast problem solving.


Reach in 63 countries, 240 locations across the globe

  • Customs clearing, transportation & Warehousing

  • Relocation and Logistics Consultancy.


How we manage Us

Community Values

RESPECT - We hold our colleagues, customers, and stakeholders in high esteem considering and appreciating their needs, expectations, and opinions.


INTEGRITY - We are honest, fair and consistent in living our values throughout all our dealings.


GOALS - We are ambitious and aim to achieve high standards and targets set by ourselves and by our stakeholders.


ACCOUNTABILITY - We take responsibility for our words and our actions and understand that we are answerable to each other, to our customers, and to society.


DISCIPLINE - We show self-control and restraint in how we conduct ourselves working in an orderly way to ensure positive results and minimize negative outcomes.


CREDIBILITY - We can be relied upon to honour our commitments.

COLLABORATION - We are a diversified group with unique attributes, united as a team with our stakeholders and cooperating in working together

towards common goals.


WORK ETHIC - We are diligent, attentive and rigorous when carrying out the activities required to create and deliver our services to both internal

and external customers. We are true in what we say and can be relied upon to honour our commitments.


LOVE - We realize that people give meaning to what we do and we show good & genuine intent, care and compassion to our neighbours at work

and in the community.


REASONABLE - We seek to exercise good judgment in choosing and pursuing the best course of action in all situations for the company,

our customers, the society, and each other.



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